You, the newly ascended one, have been chosen to lead a race to enlightenment. You will influence the people of the race, drive them to reproduce and progress, and eventually send them to the stars. Along the way, they must face every challenge, both from within and without, until they achieve the highest technologies possible, and choose to join you among the ranks of the ascended.

Do you have what it takes to turn these pathetic beings into immortals?

Design your Race


A proud race, with bonuses for smooth government at the cost of technology.

  • +10 Culture
  • -5 Reproduction
  • -5 Technology


Creatures with a desire to hurt and kill, great conquerors.


Tinkerers to the extreme, yet hardly courageous.


Adorers of the great god of fire, destined to purify the galaxy.


Telepaths able to work together for the good of the race.


Creatures that defeat all odds by reproduction and mutation.

Get in the Game
Stay Connected
Population 1,750

Game Mechanics

Grow your population and increase your economy and technology. Just letting your people be may be enough to increase in all areas.

You can influence your people with the manna you earn from piety. With lots of manna, you can have a huge influence.

With greater population, technology, and economy, problems are introduced to your people. You should be ready to overcome them all with proper guidance.


Your race will face the mortal challenges all races face.

As your race expands, they may run into other races. The inevitable result is either war or trade. Be careful: your people may be assimilated into the other race, and you'll be left with no one to play with.


Your population, as well as your age distribution, is the core asset you have. When this reaches 0, your race is extinct. Larger populations require larger economies to sustain themselves. If the economy isn't enough, starvation and disease will plague your people.
This is a number between 0 and 100 that describes your society's morality. When it is high, people cooperate and love one another. When it is low, they'd rather stab each other in the back. Keep this high for obvious reasons, but don't be surprised if you keep it too high and get walked over the first time you meet a less virtuous society.
This reflects the economic output of your people. Your people need the basic economic necessities such as food. Increase your economy to create surplus wealth that can be used to improve your virtue or technology. Too much economy can also lead to corruption.
As your economy increases, some of your people will devote themselves to changing the rules of the economic game. Increased technology allows your race to spread out and up to the stars. It makes each person more productive. It will eventually unlock the keys to immortality and ascension for your people. Technology also increases the potential for devastation, so with higher technology, virtue must be kept above a certain minimum.
The level of goverment reflects how large the government is. With no government, the economy and technology and virtue is severely limited. With appropriate levels of government, things are maintained and managed rather well. Too much government, and it becomes a beast unto itself.
The people's devotion to you as their god can be translated into action. Make sure your people do not become irreligious or too religious. Extremes are not good.
The race you lead has a set of attributes that do not tend to change very quickly.. These are detailed below.
Bonuses / Penalties
Your race will take on bonuses and penalties. Some of them are temporary, but some of them are permanent. These may affect the resources and attributes of your race.

Resource Rules

Rules are applied as follows. After each turn:

Death from Natural Causes
Your people grow old and die. They are more likely to die the older they get. This is based on their age factor.
Death from Unnatural Causes
Wars, disease, famine, and corruption lead to deaths.
Depending on the arrangements of your race, a certain number of new people will be born. Various factors change the birth rate, mostly due to people's choices.

Bonuses / Penalties