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At the end of this lesson, you should be able to read (but not understand) any Korean text.

Verbs & Basic Endings

Korean is a language where verbs reign supreme. We're going to master them by seeing them in their native form. We're also going to learn some of the basic sentence patterns, and get familiar with Glue.

At the end of this section, you should be able to survive Korea.

Nouns and Markers

The markers in Korean are not hard. We can run through them all and not cloud the mind of the student. Might as well tackle them all when we have a few basic sentence patterns mastered.

By the end of this, you should be able to express the most basic thoughts, and you should almost be able to live comfortably in Korea.

Adjective Phrases

I feel like you simply can't begin to understand Korean without mastering Adjective Phrases. That's why I introduce them so early.

Also, many sentence patterns are based off of the adjective phrases, so knowing them makes them much easier to learn.

By the end of this section, you are going to see Korean open up a whole world of possibilities. Your communication skills should dramatically improve, and you should be learning new things just through conversation.

  •  : Simple "True" Adjectives
  •  : Adjective Verb Endings
  •  : Action Verb Endings
  •  : How things bind together
  •  : Getting word order right
  •  : Multiple Adjective Phrases
  •  : When the Noun being modified is not the subject
  •  : Using 것

Gerunds and Adverbs

  •  : Two Ways to Form Gerunds
  •  : Basic Adverbs
  •  : Two Ways to Form Adverbs


  •  : "Book" Form
  •  : Two Ways of Quoting

More Endings

More Patterns

  •  : A whole bunch of common idioms go here.
  •  : Must / must not
  •  : Permission
  •  : Possibilities


  •  : History Lesson
  •  : What you Need to Know to Know a Hanja
  •  : Picking up Hanja without learning the pictures
  •  : How to Memorize Hanja
  •  : List of Hanja to Memorize

Vocabulary Building

  •  : How to Build Vocabulary
  •  : How to Build Sentence Patterns
  •  : Learning 속담
  •  : 사자소학