This is a test for an idea for an SVG math game to help little kids understand how to add, subtract, and multiply.

5 1 1 -4 -1 -1

The idea is that kids could interact with the math platform, moving tokens around.

When you put two tokens together, a math problem appears, and the kids can solve it themselves or have the computer show them how to count.

You can "dig" out of the ground, creating negative numbers.

You can also multiply by copying something a certain number of times. You can divide by cutting pieces into equal groups.

Fractions are also shown by a similar mechanism. For instance, when you divide by 2, it really shows all the pieces cut in half, and then recombining to for units.

Algebra can be taught using a scale and boxes with names.

Functions can be taught by using machines that spit out a number of tokens depending on how many are put in.

Copyright © Jonathan Gardner May 2012